C.J. Mahaney on Confession

22 02 2008

C.J. Mahaney has written an incredible post on Christian confession of sin in light of steroid use in baseball.  If you aren’t a fan of baseball (which I am not), read this anyways, as C.J.’s insight can be applied to any area of life. Mahaney hits a homerun (sorry) when he pens:

“When I find myself adding an explanation to my confession, I’m not asking forgiveness but instead appealing for understanding.”


He continues:

“If my so-called confession extends beyond a very specific (acknowledgement of sin) sentence or two, then I am most likely excusing my sin, and requesting understanding for my sin, rather than sincerely asking forgiveness because of my sin. So I have learned to be suspicious of any confession of sin that is lengthy. Genuine conviction of sin is evidenced by a sincere, specific, and brief confession of sin, without any reference to circumstances or the participation of anyone else. When I sin, I am responsible for my sin, and the cause of my sin is always within my heart and never lies outside my heart.”

To quote my Church History professor: “whoooooooooooooooo” [as said in a drawn out fashion, in result of something powerfully said. You might want to add a dance here too, just to add emphasis].

Are you confessing your sin? Or requesting understanding? Unfortunately, I do way to much of the latter.  Thanks C.J.



2 responses

22 02 2008
Terry Delaney

I will forgive you for not liking baseball, but wow, Mahaney knocked that one out of the park! Talk about personal conviction. Thanks for the quote, bro.

22 02 2008

I was going to give some excuses for why I don’t like baseball, but instead, I’ll just repent, and thank you for the pre-confession forgiveness. ;)

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