Spring Reading Days Meme

8 04 2008

I was tagged in this seminary-wide meme by both Alex and Terry.

1. What are you reading on Spring reading days? [Books I’ve brought home with me that I might get around to]

-Douglas A. Sweeney,The American Evangelical Story
-Philip Jenkins, The Next Christendom: The Coming of Global Christianity
-J. Gresham Machen, Christianity and Liberalism
-Paul Barnett, Jesus and the Rise of Early Christianity

2. What do you wish you had time to read?

– See question #1

3. What have you decided NOT to read that you were assigned to read.

-Carson and Moo, An Introduction to the New Testament [I might be caught up in this one however]

4. What is one great quote from your reading?

During terrible storms at sea that scared John Wesley nearly to death, the Moravians demonstrated an amazing composure and steadfast Christian faith.  Wesley noted in his journal that an especially dreadful storm broke out on January 25, 1736, as the Moravians gathered together for public worship:

In the midst of the psalm wherewith their service began, the sea broke over, split the mainsail in pieces, covered the ship, and poured in between the decks, as if the great deep had already swallowed us up. A terrible screaming began among the English.  The Germans [Moravians] calmly sung on.  I asked one of them afterwards, “Was you not afraid?”  He answered, “I thank God, no.”  I asked, “But were not your women and children afraid?”  He replied mildly, “No; our women and children are not afraid to die.”

Sweeney, Douglas A., The American Evangelical Story, pg. 38.

5. Why are you blogging? (You’re supposed to be reading!)

– hahahahahahahahahaha….

Tagged: Every friend of mine who goes to Southern. Also those of you who aren’t at Southern, but are reading something this week.  If you decide to do this meme, link back here and/or leave a comment!



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8 04 2008
Spring Reading Days Meme | Said at Southern Seminary

[…] So did Bryan […]

9 04 2008
Scripture Zealot

I posted regarding #1 and #5 recently.

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