Plantinga Quote on Positivist view of Theology

11 06 2008

While reading an article by Alvin Plantinga on “Advice to Christian Philosophers,” I ran across this quote.

Some [Logical] positivists conceded that metaphysics and theology, though strictly meaningless, might still have a certain limited value. Carnap, for example, thought they might be a kind of music. It isn’t known whether he expected theology and metaphysics to supplant Bach and Mozart, or even Wagner; I myself, however, think they could nicely supersede rock. Hegel could take the place of The Talking Heads; Immanuel Kant could replace The Beach Boys; and instead of The Grateful Dead we could have, say, Arthur Schopenhauer.”

Yes. This will be much funnier to some of you than others. If you don’t think of this as funny- rejoice! You’re not a dork.



2 responses

11 06 2008
Scripture Zealot

Schzzoom. (my hand quickly going over my head)

“All your base are belong to us.” Now that’s funny for another kind of dork. Someone set up us the bomb.

11 06 2008

Well, its mostly the fact that a philosopher is mentioning People like Hegel, Kant, and Schopenhauer in the same breath as the Talking Heads, The Beach Boys, and the Dead – as opposed to the Bach, Mozart, and Wagner.

All three groups of people would not normally appear together.

Here’s the worst part, Jeff.
“All your base” is funny to me too.
I’m 2x the dork.

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