Question about New Blog

13 06 2008

I’m preparing to move my blog to a new url. Should I just start afresh and leave this one up here? Or should I import all my posts and comments? To be honest, theres a lot of stuff I don’t want to move over- but there are a few that I do. Should I move them all for the sake of the few?

I’ll give you all the url when it’s moved over. Links will take awhile to add since I can’t export them to a file with wordpress.

Oh, and I know I did a post about the blog title not too long ago. The new blog will have a new name however- this way when people link to it, they’ll have no problem knowing what the title of the blog is. Sorry for those who just added me- but it will make it easier for those who follow your steps! :)



6 responses

13 06 2008
James Gregory

delete the things you don’t want first, then do a complete import.

13 06 2008

Yeah, I was just hoping for something more black and white- so I could be lazier. I have to go through 270+ posts otherwise :-p

That’s probably what I’ll have to do though.

13 06 2008
Scripture Zealot

I would import them all. If there’s something that you’re embarrassed about or you wouldn’t like to leave up there you’ll probably remember it. Just search for it and delete it. Otherwise most people aren’t going to see them anyway unless it’s a hot topic for Google searches.

13 06 2008
Terry Delaney


I am moving blog url’s this weekend. Tonight is actually going to be my first actual post at the new diary. What I have done is left everything as it was at the old site while moving all that I have wanted at the new. Check it out if you want.

BTW, how is your summer going?

13 06 2008
James Gregory

you could always copy and paste the posts and backdate them.

14 06 2008
Nathan Stitt

Personally I’d import them, and also leave this one up for a while with the last post linking to the new URL.

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